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Re: [ARSCLIST] Riverside Race Car Records

John Ross wrote:
At 9/7/2008 11:39 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
Apparently, Bill Gauer, Keepnews' partner at Riverside, was a racing car nut and was very into making these "environmental audio" recordings.

This raises a question I've always wondered about: Who bought all those Riverside sports car records? They still show up in secondhand record bins, so SOMEBODY must have bought them new, but did they sell enough to break even, let alone make money, or were they just an excuse for Grauer to talk his way into the pits at races with his microphone?

I suppose they didn't cost much to produce. No studio time, no royalties or performers' fees. Could they have been a profitable sideline like the Elektra sound effects records?

Further amazing that they had enough of a sense of humor to issue Peter Ustinov's hour-long parody of the whole genre, a disc which stayed in print long enough to be reprocessed in fake stereo (aaaaaak).

There's a Riverside comedy record by a standup comic whose name I have forgotten in which the comic muses about a phone call:
"Riverside Records, can I help you?"
"Yes, Bill Grauer please."
"I'm sorry, he's under a Porsche, taking a level."

I can recall about 3 comedy albums on Riverside (aside from Ustinov)..Henry Morgan, "George Crater" (Ed Sherman), and Louis Nye (Heigh Ho Madison Avenue). Was it one of these?


John Ross

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