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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mercury Living Presence Opera sets

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi Tom, Steve and other opera buffs on the list,

I have the original Dischi Ricordi stereo set containing the records
OS 114, OS 115, OS 116 with matrix numbers in EMI typeface in the "wax". For 
the record they are:

OS 114
CNDS 844 1A  YPARTX 50930 21  M6 223354
CNDS 844 1B  YPARTX 50931 21  M6 223355

OS 115
CNDS 844 2A  YPARTX 50932 21  M6 223356
CNDS 844 2B  YPARTX 50933 21B  M6 223584

OS 116
CNDS 844 3A  YPARTX 50934 21  M6 223352
CNDS 844 3B  YPARTX 50935 21  M6 223353

The Italian liner footnote states:

"This opera was recorded in Teatro La Pergola in Firenze from 1 to 10 July 
1960 on equipment from Mercury in Chicago, under the direction of Bob Fine 
and Wilma Cozart, with musical assistance by Harold Lawrence. Artistic 
director Carlo E. Ricordi. The monaural and sterephonic records were cut 
according to RIAA. The cover, the drawings, and the pagination of the present 
album are by Renzo Clerici. The photos from the stage were taken at Teatro 
Donizetti in Bergamo during the presentations in the autumn of 1959 (stage 
Ercole Sormani, costumes Casa d'Arte Friore Milano). The photographs are by 
Leonida Barezzi, Harold Lawrence, Gian G. Greguoli, Foto Wells."

I am not a great specialist in post-tape recorder matrix numbers, but it 
seems that one metal part must have been unsatisfactory, or else this is not 
the first pressing of the set. Note that a mono version was also available 
(MRO 114/115/116)

I only bought this set because of Alfredo Kraus, of whom I had nothing.

Kind regards,


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