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Re: [ARSCLIST] Stanley Holloway vinyl

Thomas Stern wrote:
Does anyone know of a detailed Stanley Holloway discography?
Below is a preliminary list of vinyl (lP/ep/45) issues.
Any additions or corrections greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Best wishes, Thomas.

1969  LP  ANGEL                  65019       Adventures with Old Sam and the
1971  LP  Argo (Decca, UK)       SPA/A 199   The World of Stanley Holloway
1975  LP  Argo (Decca, UK)       ZDA 170     LIFE IN THE OLD DOG YET
      45  Argo (Decca, UK)       AFW 114     Sam's Medal/Albert's Christmas
      LP  Caedmon                TC 1078     NONSENSE VERSE OF CARROLL AND
1958  LP  Caedmon                TC 1097     Alice In Wonderland
      LP  Caedmon                TC 1098     Through the Looking Glass
      LP  Caedmon                TC 1104     BAB BALLADS AND CAUTIONARY
      EP  Caedmon UK ??????      CAE 14202   Reads W.S.Gilbert
      EP  Caedmon UK ??????      CE    145   Bab Ballads Vol.1
1962  LP  Caedmon                TC 1130     Geoffrey Chaucer-CANTERBURY
      LP  Caedmon                SRS 210     Shakespeare-AS YOU LIKE IT
      LP  Caedmon                SRS 231     Shakespeare-MACBETH
      LP  Capitol                T/ST  1784  OLIVER!
      10  Columbia (UK)          33S 1093    His Famous Adventures with Old
Sam and the Ramsbottoms
      EP  Columbia (UK)          SEG 8034    ADVENTURES WITH ALBERT
1965  LP  Columbia (UK)          33SX1656    STANLEY - I PRESUME!
      LP  Columbia (UK)          SCX 3528    STANLEY - I PRESUME!
1961  EP  Columbia (UK)          SEG 8118    BROWN BOOTS AND OTHER
1960  45  Columbia (UK)          DB 4517     Petticoat Lane/Sing A Song Of
1961  45  Columbia (UK)          11727       Brahn Boots / ???
1961  45  Columbia (UK)          DB 4653     Tommy the Whistler / ???
1961  45  Columbia (UK)          DB 4633     Brahn Boots/Tommy The Whistler
      45  Columbia (UK)          DB 8959     Lion and Albert / ???
1956  LP  Columbia               OL 5090     My Fair Lady - Original Cast
1956  45  Columbia               4-40738     Get Me To The Church on
Time/The Rain In Spain
1964  LP  Columbia               KOL8000     My Fair Layd - Soundtrack
      LP  Columbia               OL 5480     The Mikado - Bell Telephone
1959  LP  Columbia               OS 2015     My Fair Lady - London Cast
      EP  Coronet(NZ)            KEP 165     Ere's 'Olloway
1959  45  Decca                  F 11140     Dark Girl Dressed in
Blue/Growing Old
1982  LP  Decca (UK)             MOR 534     Brahn Boots
      LP  Decca                  DL 74422    TAVERN SONGS Of Old London
      LP  EMI-Music For Pleasure MFP 1114    Stories Of Old Sam & Other
      LP  EMI-Starline           SLS 50286   COCKNEY PRIDE
      LP  EMI-Encore             ONCM515     Best of
1980  LP  EMI-Encore             ONCM533     MORE MONOLOGUES AND SONGS
1961  LP  HMV                    CLP 1459    Oliver!
      LP  MGM                    SE-4284     'ello Stanley
      LP  Philips                BBL 7237    Ere's Holloway
      EP  Philips                BBE 12326   My Word! You Do Look Queer!
1960  LP  PYE                    NPL 18056   JOIN IN THE CHORUS
1960  45  PYE                    7N.15302    LILY OF LAGUNA / A BACHELOR GAY
      LP  RIVERSIDE              RLP 12-824  CONCERT PARTY
      LP  RIVERSIDE              RLP 1415    ELEPHANT ALPHABET
      LP  United Artists         UAL 3497    BARREL ORGAN MEMORIES
      LP  Vanguard               VRS 9086    Join In The Chorus
      LP  Wing                   WL 1179     Nonsense Verse
      LP  World Record Club       T 325      Champagne Charlie
1960  LP  WORLD Record Club      ST 912      JOIN IN THE CHORUS
      LP  World Record Club(Au)  S/3805      JOIN IN THE CHORUS  A STANLEY
      LP  WORLD Record Club(NZ)  SLZ 8302    Join in the Chorus

Add: 1952 LP Judson J 3026 Gobbledegook Songs

Since I own it, I can provide other details if desired.


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