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Re: [ARSCLIST] Methuen Talking Book - EFDSS/Peter Kennedy 7" LP issues

For more information on Peter Kennedy and his working relationship with Bob Roberts follow this link:


For an appraisal of Kennedy's approach to recording traditional music follow this link:


John Ross wrote:
The back covers of the two titles you mention --

2/1501/26 Windy Old Weather; An L.P. Record of Sea Shanties and Saltwater Ballads With Skipper Bob Roberts

2/1502/26 Kissin's Nae Sin; Love Songs and Bothy Ballads,
sung by Isabel Sutherland and Jimmie MacGregor, with John Cole (Mouth-organ) and Steve Benbow (Guitar)

list a total of 14 Talking Book titles as "available now," but none of the others in the list are in the 2/150X/26 Ballads of Britain series, nor do they appear to be folk songs. The others are ballroom dance instruction (1251/U through 1254/U); Children's singing games and nursery rhymes sung by Marjorie Westbury (1001/U through 1004/U); and some miscellaneous titles, including "Instruments of the Orchestra," "The Story of Jesus," and "Bird Song."

Westbury was a well-known radio actress and a member of the BBC Drama Repertory Company, who's best remembered today as Steve, the wife of Paul Temple in the long-running series of BBC Radio detective serials.

Both of the "Ballads of Britain" packages carry a 1960 copyright date.

John Ross

At 9/3/2008 01:09 PM, you wrote:
I've recently become aware of two recordings issued by Methuen's TALKING
BOOKS (UK) recorded edited and produced by Peter Kennedy in association with
the EFDSS.
One by BOB ROBERTS, the second by ISOBEL SUTHERLAND. They are 7-inch
33-1/3 rpm discs,
in a booklet with texts and illustrations.
Were there any others in the series? Anyone know how widely they
circulated, availability, target market, etc.?
Best wishes, Thomas.

-- Mike Hirst Managing Director DAS-360° 16 Ocean View Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear NE26 1AL

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email: mike.hirst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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