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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mercury MG10000 series listing or discography

We have the set here and will be glad to try to answer questions for any of you.
Best wishes,
Morris Martin
Head, Music Library and Ozier Sound Archives
University of North Texas

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Michael Biel wrote:
> Why bother re-inventing the wheel?  There IS a discography with a
> numerical listing of this and all other Mercury series.  Ruppli amd
> Novitsky's "The Mercury Labels."  This 10000 series is on pages 494 thru
> 499 of Volume 5 and the 10-inch 15000 series is on pages 482-3.  I'm
> surprised that Tom, of all people, doesn't apparently have this
> discography set!  Actually, I only have volume 4 and 5 which popped up
> astonishingly cheap as new loose volumes on a book site last year.   Vol
> 4 includes the 69-91 era and ALL the classical recordings back to the
> beginning.  Vol 5 is the numerical listings and artist index.  So if I
> had to have only two of the five, those were the best to find.  I'll be
> glad to provide Tom with photocopies of these pages, as keyboarding all
> of this on the list would be very time and bandwidth consuming.
> Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxx

I've never acquired the Mercury books and until 37 seconds ago didn't know
there was a 5th volume! Syracuse has the set (although I'm sure I only ever saw
4 volumes) and when Sue was still in the Belfer building I saved up all my
search questions for when I visited there.


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