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Re: [ARSCLIST] Offenbach's Grand Duchess

Thanks to all! My copy was minus a booklet, so I don't know if a date would have been shown in it.


Mike Richter wrote:
Steven Smolian wrote:
As I recall, it was marketed later in true stereo. Was it untrue stereo and therefore 1950., or was it later and should have a later date?

Steve Smolian

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OFFENBACH: LA GRANDE DUCHESSE DE GEROLSTEIN..SOLOISTS, PASDELOUP ORCH. COND. RENE LEIBOWITZ (URANIA UR 155-2) .. recorded in 1950, but I can't find it issued before the Urania, which was probably 1959. Not in WERM, not in Schwann. Anyone know of an earlier issue?

FWIW, here's Ommer's report on the Preiser CD release:

Aufnahme 1958

Aufnahme: 1958, Studio
Spieldauer: 88'55 (4'07, 34'50, 25'41, 15'24, 8'53); nach anderen Angaben: 100'45 (41'15, 29'30, 30'00)
Dirigent: René Leibowitz
Pasdeloup Orchestre Paris
The Paris Lyrique Chorus
Chorleitung: Keith Humble
Kommentar: stark gekürzt
Product Code: Preiser PR90591 (2 CD)

Rollen und Sänger

Amélie: Magda Saumart
Baron Grog: Georges Théry
Baron Puck: Goerges Lacour
Charlotte: Cécile Sonnys
Fritz: André Dran
Général Boum: John Riley
Grande Duchesse: Eugenia Zareska
Iza: Jeanette Beaucomont
Népomuc: Gabriel Bonton
Olga: Marcelle Croizier
Prince Paul: Jean Mollien
Wanda: Gisèle Prévet

[Jacques OffenbachDB Sonderband: A. Ommer: Verzeichnis aller Operngesamtaufnahmen, S. 9177]


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