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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: [ARSCLIST] RCA "Stereo for the Joy of It" set

Hi Don:

OK, I did confirm that all the LPs in the set are shaded dog labels.

Here are the maxtrix numbers I found:

Reiner side A: J2 RY 3591 8S
Reiner side B: J2 RY 3592 7S

Fiedler side A: J2 RY 1979 10S
Fiedler side B: J2 RY 1980 10S

Munch side A: J2 RY 2114 5S
Munch side B: J2 RY 2115 5S

So the numbers before the S are different from what you listed. What does this mean? Was this RCA's cutter/cutter head code?

-- Tom Fine

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Hello Tom --

 My copy of this set has only "Shaded Dog" pressings. To answer your
questions, at least as far as my copy is concerned:

 Reiner New World -- 8S/7S
 Munch Eroica -- 11S/6S
 "Hi-Fi Fiedler" -- 11S/11S

 At least I hope this answers your questions. Looking forward to your

Don Tait

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Question for RCA collectors -- are the LPs in the classical album-collection "Stereo for the Joy of
It" real-deal shaded dogs or some alternative pressing of these albums?

Perhaps a better question would be, what are the matrix inscriptions on the original single-LP
issues for a couple of these albums:

Dvorak #5 by Reiner/Chicago
Beethoven #3 by Munch/Boston
"Hi-Fi Feidler"

I'll then compare to what's on these records and we'll know the answer.

-- Tom Fine

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