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Re: [ARSCLIST] 2008 ARSC Conference Slide Show

or someone could shoot video and post it on the net

joe salerno

Sam Brylawski wrote:
Thanks, Steve. These are really great! Next year with sound, OK?


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 10:26 AM, Steve Ramm <Stevramm@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I spent quite a bit of time over the last few days putting together a complete slide show of the ARSC Conference. It runs about 12 minutes. I use Shutterfly because you don't need to log in to see the photos and it holds quite a few. Because ARSCLIST doesn't allow attachments etc, I can't just send the link to the list. So - IF you are interested, do not hit reply - or use this email address. Send me an email at StevenrammATaolDOTcom and I'll send you the slide show. If you came, it will bring back memories; if not you'll see what you missed. Glad I could do this. Steve Ramm (http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=9UaM3Ldux9o&notag=1)

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