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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dylan's "Great White Wonder" - query

Paul & Steven, et al -
Some of the tracks mentioned in earlier posts appear on my white label boot entitled " Stealin' ", which I purchased back around 1969. The record itself is on the Har-Cub Record Label and the quality of the vinyl is abysmal. Even new it played poorly and got worse with each subsequent play. And, no, it wasn't the needle in my old Rek-O-Kut table! Haven't played it in many years.
Anyhow, the track list (which is actually on the disc):

Side 1
Can I Crawl Out Your Window
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Killing Me Alive
If You Gotta Go
She Belongs To Me
My Love Waits Like Silence

Side 2
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Cough Song
New Orleans
That's All Right Babe
Hard Times In New York Town / Stealin'
Wade In The Water

A mish-mosh of early acoustic, out-takes and pre-Band material.
I'm gonna play it one more time and digitize it.
Mal Rockwell


Stephen M.H. Braitman wrote:
Hi, Paul:

As Steven Abrams wrote, the original bootleg album called "A Great White Wonder" was a compilation of tracks from different periods in Dylan's career. It had the first release of material from the Basement Tapes, though other bootlegs shortly after captured more of the tracks from those sessions.

The first issue of "A Great White Wonder" appeared in Summer 1969. It was a double fold-open album with glossy white paste-over cover, and no printing of any kind. The disc labels were off-white or cream, and had no information either.

The bootleg was itself quickly bootlegged, with the famous pink rubber stamp on the front, proclaiming "A Great White Wonder." The rubber stamp format was popular for a long time afterwards among bootlegs.



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