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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lieberman's Penelope

Steven Smolian wrote:
I'm organizing some old tapes.

I find I have a performance of Liebermann's opera Penelope. It includes Birgit Nilsson in th tirle role, confirmed by the German announcement which gives out about half-wayint the cast listing. My notes say it is Rosbaud with the NDR and the performance is before 1962.

According to consulted sources, the premiere was in 1964 with Goltz, Szell, the Vienna Phil and a somewhat different cast.

Have I misdated a later performance? Is this a preliminary version? Is the announcement a phony? What gives?

Steve Smolian

Steiger shows the premiere as 1954, not 1964. Otherwise, as you indicate with a recording on Orfeo.


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