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[ARSCLIST] storage of mothers, masters, and stampers

Hi folks,

Can anyone provide guidance on the proper storage of metal mothers, masters, and stampers?

We are preparing a collection of such discs for long-term storage in a collections storage facility (where it is 50º F +/-1º and 38% RH +/- 3%). The items are 13-14 in. in diameter, and appear to be made of nickel, copper, and possibly zinc (or alloys of same?). I can't help but wonder if most of the likely standard-issue archival housings -- the buffered sleeves and boxes designed for transcription discs -- are not be perfectly suited in terms of design and materials for these kinds of sound recordings.

Are custom enclosures required? Do the conventional shelving guidelines -- vertical, not too tight, etc. -- apply? Any information or ideas are welcome.

Many thanks,


-- Hannah Frost Stanford University Libraries hfrost@xxxxxxxxxxxx 650.724.4047

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