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Re: [ARSCLIST] Digital Audio Preservation Question

At 06:24 PM 2008-04-07, Tom Fine wrote:

Regarding that Boston Globe article, there are some really specious assertions.
I agree, Tom. There are some valid points in the article, but to term data refreshing (moving from older to newer media) as "Sisyphean" is a bit extreme. Products like the Western Digital MyBook II are RAID-1 (or can be) devices that offer internal backup and are available with 2x 1TB drives for 1TB of capacity. Bringing a third 1TB drive off site (to one of the person's offices for example) goes a long way to protecting data without spending huge sums of money. Bring it back once a month or two to refresh it. Buy a new one in five years.

Sisyphus spent all his time rolling the rock up the hill. I spend perhaps 4-5 days per year managing data, and I've got 3 TB of storage (backed up). The computers spend far more time than I do refreshing and updating, but I spend less time managing data storage than I do managing physical storage--and it doesn't hurt my muscles/joints nearly as much.

Actually, I probably spend more time writing about it than managing it <smile>.

It's a skill that we need to learn, and one needs to spend money in the correct place. For each individual, the tradeoffs will be different. If you're not storing huge amounts of data, then the services may be a good choice, but I wouldn't rely on just one. What if they go poof? ("Poof" in this sense is a business term and not necessarily a technical term, but it could be <smile>.)



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