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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape Deterioration - white powder

TDK GX is notorious for this as well...but it does it a LOT.  It's  separate 
from sticky shed...the white powder residue is dry and wipes off heads  and 
guides easily, but TDK GX sheds enough of it to clog your tape path  after a few 
minutes.  Cleaning the tape by fast winding and using the  "holding a dry 
cloth with your fingers" carefully around the tape several times  gets rid of 
quite a bit of the white residue, but not enough that  heads don't continually 
clog even after multiple cleanings.  
The method that I've used for curing sticky shed also works for this white  
powder TDK GX tape as well, but it's pretty controversial and widely panned by  
most as it seems pretty "out there"...and that method is the NuFinish method  
that I wrote of in various places online.  It's cured all of my TDK GX  tapes 
of the white residue problem, with no audible degradation (although I'm  sure 
under tests some loss would have to appear).  

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