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Re: [ARSCLIST] Bix Memorial Album

Both the Jean Pierre Lion book "Bix" and Russell Sanjek's book "American Popular Music and Its Business" refer to it as a six-disc set.

The WorldCat entry (OCLC: 48943573) is for a six-disc set and the 12 sides of Victor P-4 are listed here:


Via a Google search I see the mentions of "7-disc" sets (<http://www.normanfield.com/bixmemorialalbum.htm> including booklet scans - all on the same site, aren't they?), but don't see any data to support this. Seems like someone either had a slip of the finger or perhaps it's just wishful thinking. Or if you're a pessimist, it's a collector's "mind game" kind of thing: my Bix is bigger than yours....


mike at jazzdiscography.com

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