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Re: [ARSCLIST] MV-95 info

We use the Arnold magnetic viewer which works quite well for this
purpose. Around $90 from a company in the U.S. We ordered two more of
them about 10 months ago. 

Arnold B-1022 Magnetic viewer

The Arnold/Plastiform Magnetic Viewer
Marie Rundell
Plastiform Division of Arnold
1000 E. Eisenhower Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701
PH: 402 371 6100 ext. 176
FX: 402 371 6124

Mike Casey
Associate Director for Recording Services
Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University


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The volume pricing is quite a bit more attractive, and shipping via EMS
$20. I rather gathered $130 was over the odds!!! He sent a picture of
results with cassette tape after 30 seconds. The site is mine, no
popups/spyware... please ignore the other galleries, they're for an
item I sorely need to list. I'm going to go ahead and order 5 of these.
anyone wants one, please contact me offlist. Price will be cost +
If $20 covers shipping from Japan for all 5, it'll be $203 + shipping to


Hello Jeffrey,

I forgot to answer your final question.
The last quotation was for a small quantity like one or two....
For 5 or more order we are pleased to offer the price of $199 per

Hideo Ohno

"Jeffrey Kane" <jeffkane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mr. Ohno,
> Thank you for your reply. I will be using this to see the track
> configuration of 1/4"-1" analogue open reel tapes. I wish to verify it
> work for this application. I'll wire over funds upon receipt of your
> details. Also, please provide pricing in JP・瘢雹 as opposed to US$.
> ship quite often from Japan, for such a small device $130 seems very
> for shipping if shipped via SAL. Speed is not as much of a concern as
> our budget is sadly very tight for archiving as I do volunteer work
for a
> non-profit organization. This is a credit card sized device, yes?
> is shipping per piece? I may have others who wish to purchase the
> I ordered five or ten what would pricing be?
> Thank you in advance,
> Jeffrey Kane

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