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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

Let me echo/clarify some of your statements John.

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John Ross:
This is not a problem that is unique to those of us concerned with
preserving audio. Our colleagues who are producing digital archives of
documents and other artifacts are dealing with exactly the same set of
long-term storage problems, including the issues related to digital

Don Andes:
Everyone is in the same river, but the boats we're in are spaced a
little bit apart.
The financial and medial data folks have it all worked out already, but
then again they have the $$$/GB to do so. They also face legal
ramifications if things are NOT done properly.
The Book Folks are already partnering with the Google's of the world,
and having their own issues.
The Audio Folks, are the middle ground. The data size is more cumbersome
then text, but still more agile than Video.
The Video Folks, have the most data, but probably the most $$$ and
future revenues to look after. They're the ones with the best planning,
but are the slowest to jump on new trends.

John Ross:
Therefore, it seems to me that it's essential that those of us in the
audio preservation and archiving community should not try to
independently invent our own methods. In terms of archival storage and
access, it makes no difference if the bits represent sounds or if
they're words and images.

Don Andes:
Correct, but unfortunately it's the $/GB ratio and scale which makes all
the difference in the world.

John Ross:
It's not clear to me that the words and pictures folks are any further
along the path toward a solution, but they're out there, and we should
work with them to assure that the IT "experts" don't control the process
without participation from the content specialists.

Don Andes:
I've voiced these sentiments before. We (as Archivists) need to
understand the benefits of working WITH IT. We NEED them to get this
done, and they NEED us to get it done CORRECTLY. A single party approach
which leads to failure helps no one. 

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