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Re: [ARSCLIST] Bell Tone Trio on Kentucky Records info. sought.

The only Gateway I've ever seen is one I picked up recently:
  Lucky Mambo
Anabacoa Mambo
  Paladium Mambo
  Virgin Island Mambo
  Pedro Hernandez Orchestra
  It was my guess, based on the Cincinnati location and the choice of font/style for the address in the label info at the bottom that it probably had something to do with King.  Unfortunately haven't been able to play it yet, so no report on the music. 
David Lewis <davlew@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Kentucky was an imprint of Gateway, which was in turn pressed by Queen City
Album in Cincinnati. Gateway issued a mixture of original recordings and
sound alike records, and had a special line of Christmas records of which
this might have been one, although the Gateway versions had four tracks to a
disc and were credited to "The Roy Cliffs." I have a Rocket Record that is a
release of a Gateway-made sound alike of Elvis Presley's regional hit
"That's All Right" with an original backside - the "A" was also issued on a
four-tracks-to-a-disc Gateway. The singles of this kind, though, do carry
the right name of the artists, whereas pseudonyms are more common on the
sound alikes.
I have a Kentucky that I just recently found; I'm not sure what's on it.
I'll check it and see how the numbers relate to yours. Some of the folks
that recorded for Gateway also worked for WCKY radio in Cincinnati. Your
record was probably made between 1953-1956. 

David N. Lewis
Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide

"Never treat an audience as customers-always treat them as partners." - Ted

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I'm looking for info. related to this recording: Date? Names of members ot
the Bell Tone Trio? Instruments played? Other discs/titles by this group and
or/ Ed Rolph? General info. about this record company?

Disc info: Kentucky Records, Mfg. by Gateway Records, Cincinnati
Disc# 541/8040
"Silent Night"
Artists: Ed Rolph, Organ
Bell Tone Trio
Fred Holt, Narrator

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

RA Friedman, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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