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[ARSCLIST] Radio archives info needed

I am looking for radio programs about the New York City club Plato's Retreat and it's proprietor, Larry Levenson (aka Levinson). I am also looking for any coverage of the gay club that preceded Plato's in the location (Ansonia Hotel, 74th and Broadway, NYC). The clubs were well covered by local, national and international media, however I have been searching without much luck for existing copies of any of the coverage. The following are specific programs we are interested to find:

Interview with Larry Levenson by Larry King on Mutual Radio's The Larry King Show (date, probably March, 1978).

We believe Larry Levenson also appeared on the Alex Bennett Radio Show and The Barry Gray Show (WMCA).

I would be most thankful to anyone who can tell me where any of these shows may have been archived.

Lewanne Jones
Research and Rights Consultant, Zip Dog Productions, American Swing
PO Box 568
Brooklyn, NY 11211
T: 718.387.6471  F: 718.963.2603 Cell: 347-249-0653

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