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Re: [ARSCLIST] N.Y. Times article on digitizing

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From: "Bob Olhsson" <olh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >From Rod Stephens: "In today's Times is this excellent article, but
> unfortunately, the 
> writer leaves the issue of copyrights til last, so it's almost an 
> afterthought."
> I think the main point which suggests that people seem to assume everything
> they need to know is on the internet is a far bigger deal than copyright.
> The truth is that there will probably never be enough resources to digitize
> everything which makes doing so a questionable goal.
But, on the other hand, virtually all of the "analog" original artifacts
(as well as many in digital form) are subject to deterioration of various
forms...in most cases simply from age, although in some cases through
continued use...!

Steven C. Barr

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