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[ARSCLIST] Clarification on Book and Cassette Offer

I got a good response to my offer on Saturday but needed to send out a  
clarification. Quite a few folks (including libraries!) wanted 10 (apparently to  
give as gifts - and they make great gifts). I then realized they are packed 
NINE  to a box, not 10. Sorry for the confusion. And yes, I still have MANY left 
for  those who want them though I want to ship out of here as soon as I can to 
 make room.
Again, email me OFF LIST at the following email address only: 
_Stevenramm@xxxxxxxx (mailto:Stevenramm@xxxxxxx) . I'll then send you  mailing address if you 
are paying by check.
Sorry for the repost; I just wanted to clarify! And I'm glad these book and  
cassettes are getting out there.
Steve Ramm

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