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[ARSCLIST] Special Offer on Book and Casette with RARE recordings

SPECIAL One-time sale of Historic Recordings on  cassette. 
I am posting this to various phonograph newsgroups as I  want to get these 
into the hands of those who will appreciate them.  This is not a commercial 
venture. I'm  thinking the Archives who are members of ARSC might be interested in 
this for  their collections. 
About 10 years ago, my late friend and fellow record collector, Dave  
Goldenberg produced a fascinating and superb audiotape and booklet volume of  early 
recordings about Philadelphia, PA. You don’t need to live in Philadelphia  to 
appreciate its contents. There are some extremely rare recordings on the set.  
21 tracks in all (see below). 
The package is called :”Philadelphia All The Time: Sounds of The Quaker  City 
1896-1947”. It includes an 50-page ILLUSTRATED booklet with the history of  
each recording. And the tape is Dolby encoded.  
Dave was not into marketing and the package only had limited  distribution, 
which is a shame. I would like to get these in the hands of record  collectors 
who will appreciate the recordings and the great info in the booklet  so I am 
making them available to collectors on the record and phonograph  collectors’ 
boards at a special closeout price. You don’t have to wait  till the end for 
the price but read on after it. The whole package originally  sold for $16.00. 
And I sold quite a few on ebay at $12.00 plus  shipping. 
In order to cover my time and packing and  shipping, I will offer them at 
only  $5.00 postpaid by Media class mail. (That’s less than  one cylinder record 
and a bargain for the RARE recordings included.) But you  must act fast! 
The above price is for payment by cash or check. I’ll be happy to take  
Paypal but I can’t afford to absorb the fee so The price will be $5.75 if you  wish 
to pay using Paypal. Also if you it sent FIRST class, I’ll do that for 35  
cents more. (I know this sounds complicated, but, believe me, I’m not making  
money on these additions.) 
And if you are are out of the US, email me for price. (which will be  
whatever extra charges there are for international postage.  
Now see what you get. 
The set includes the following recordings:  
Ferruchino Giannini from 1896 
John McCormack Off To Philadelphia 1941 
Stokowski and Phila Orchestra “Pension Fund Notes/Comments”  1935 
Bert Harvey “All The Quakers Are Shoulder Shakers” 1919 
Frankie Richardson “Uncle Lou” 1924 
Jeanette McDonald/ Nelson Eddy “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life” 1935 
Phila Police and Fireman’s Band “Hail Philadelphia” 1926 
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Band (Conducted by John Phillip Sousa).  1926 
Arthur Pryor’s Band, “Philadelphia All The Time” 1926 
Ferko String Band “Oh Dem Golden Slippers” 1947 
Marian Anderson “Deep River” 1923 
Bessie Smith “I’m Wild About That Thing” 1929 
Ethel Waters, “Dinah” 1925 
Clarence Williams Orch “ I Can’t Dance, I’ve Got Ants In My Pants” (with  
Charlie Gaines) 1934 
Tindley Quaker City Gospel Singers “Everybody Will Be Happy”  1932 
Howard Lanin and the Benjamin Franklin Hotel Orchestra, “When Eyes of  Blue 
Are Fooling You” 1925 
Joe Venuti’s Blue Four “The Wild Dog” 1927 
Jan Savitt Orch, “When I Go A Dreamin” 1938 
Russell Conwell (founder of Temple University), “Acres of Diamonds”  speech 
John Barrymore (actor),  “Soliloquy from Hamlet” 1928 
W.C. Fields “The Day I Drank A Glass of Water” 1946 
All this on one 90-minute audiotape. 
The 50-page booklet has lots of rare black and white photos. 
I’ve posted scans of the package and the booklet at the following  URL: 
If you are interested in a copy of this great package, please email me at  
the following address:_Stevenramm@xxxxxxxx (mailto:Stevenramm@xxxxxxx)  If you  
want 10 or more copies, I can offer at $2.00 each PLUS shipping but only if I  
know soon and still have them. 
Don’t miss this special offer! It won’t be repeated. 
Steve Ramm

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