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Re: [ARSCLIST] Curious--was: well, this might <snip>

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From: "Andes, Donald" <Donald.Andes@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hey Steven, (and list...)
> I regards to those sentiments, I would like to bring up the importance
> of collecting and preserving those "record your own voice" records, or
> possibly the recording of localize musicians at the time. I'm talking
> NON-label, folk-like Alan Lomax stuff.
> I think they speak more history than anything released commercially. 
> I've transferred thousands of hours of amazing stuff during my time at
> Vidipax, and it really expanded my understanding of history beyond
> what's published in books.
I have a few of those intantaneous recordings, mostly made at USO's by
departing WWII soldiers/etc. Sadly, most of the other "home-made"
recordings I have (acquired in one lot at a yard sale) are recordings
of broadcast sermons taken from the radio.

I always buy old cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes when I run across
them, just to see what is on them...so far, nothing of great interest
(except one, made by a party who accidentally or intentionally taped
him[her?]self having sex...)

However, I have a hundred or so tapes I made myself, which are live
tapes of my blues band. I used to tape our performances, and later
play them at home while listening critically...and saved all the
cassettes! Quite interesting these days...

Now that recording your own self/band is so much easier, I wonder
how many such CD-R's are made...and how many of those are saved...?!

Steven C. Barr

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