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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

Mike Loughlin wrote:
I hope I can stop your head from itching. First off, the Sonny Bono act did not come from any desire of the American people, who were plenty content with the copyright laws as they were. It is not a tricky "conspiracy theory" it is a very simple straight line from Sonny Bono, a man sent to congress by the entertainment industry to do their bidding. The Sonny Bono act was a piece of legislation primarily to protect the interest of The Disney Corporation, a company that was founded on the character of "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland,

While I concur on the tenor of Mike's post, I quibble in detail.

1. Disney's Alice character shared a name but little else with Dodgson's. Disney's device was integrating live action with animation in those cartoons.

2. The government frequently makes information available only to subsets of the population such as physicians, corporations with whom/which it partners, and those cleared for sensitive data. It could do so with regard to "scholars" if it chose to define the class and impose the restriction.

3. Not all cylinders and acoustic recordings are "historic". I know of at least two made in the past fifty years which have been published in one sense or another.

Again, despite the above imperfections, the points are relevant and well made.


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