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Re: [ARSCLIST] RF problems - used to be - - Effect of vibrations on audio tape

Wow. Thanks to everybody (Ron, Jim, Jerry, Tom, Mike...) who gave suggestions about our RF problem. I should have known there were experts in such things on this list.

All equipment in the studio is on balanced AC from an isolation transformer, so I assume we have clean power. Don't know anything about building ground. Once we put in the isolation transformer (which didn't help this but reduced the noise floor in general) I assumed that it was induced.

It's a very strange interference that fades in, "wanders" (I can't think of how else to describe it) in frequency for a few seconds and then fades away again. I'm not good at guessing frequencies, but it's somewhere around the "bumble bee" frequency range. I really only notice it if there is no signal and the speakers are fairly high. Because it was cyclical we thought it was the sweep of the radar. But from what Ron said, there are clearly many other possibilities. I could record a bit of it next week and post it online if anybody cares to make a diagnosis.

Anybody do consulting and need a vacation in Santa Barbara this winter? I've got a spare bedroom.

Lots and lots of leads to check out now...

David Seubert

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