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[ARSCLIST] Hey Susannah

Hey Susannah,

How are you? I am sure that the job is going well. I received your
friend invite to facebook. It is so cool that you are on there too. It
is a great way to keep up with friends. But I do have a question for
you. Is American Audio Systems out of business? I cannot get a hold of
them or Darren Hardeen. We were going to buy a few new CD players for
the audio center, but as you know they must be "converted". I was told
that you had a software update to the matrix done in the spring. Was
this from AAS or the software company? 

We are keeping the old ones afloat, but could use some new ones. I
guess what I am asking is if you know how to get ahold of AAS? Is it
even possible, or am I going to need to take one apart and try and "fit"
the conversion to a newer machine? 

I apologize for having to ask you all of this but I am not sure how you
were dealing with everything in the past.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Jonathan Thorn 

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