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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recommended CD-R's

Among finest also are Verbatim Pastel, that are Tayio Yuden brand, exactly. They shown no sign of deterioration through the time. I have few from 1999., and they stayed in perfect condition - Mitsubishi Chemical, "original" Verbatim has its own faults, corroding of the inner circle and so on.

But, beware of fake Tayio Yuden discs, these are common today...


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Recommended CD-R's


I would appreciate recommendations on what type or make and model (if
applicable) of CD-R blanks that (1) have shown the least reliability problems batch
to batch, (2) have higher expected lifetimes and (3) lack high-contrast or
raised graphics on them (which tend to telescope through the paper labels I
sometimes use).

Thanks in advance for your experience.

Jim Long
Michigan remote

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