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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recommended CD-R's

This issue came up a year or two ago. From that I concluded the gold ones are better than silver, blue is next best. Japanese manufacture are better than from other places, CD-R pro is worth getting. I am currently using Maxell. These are slightly more expensive, but I use them for the master disc and use a cheaper when I am just making a copy to give to someone else to review, or grandchildren to use.
  Cheryl Thurber

Jim Long <JJimLong@xxxxxx> wrote:

I would appreciate recommendations on what type or make and model (if 
applicable) of CD-R blanks that (1) have shown the least reliability problems batch 
to batch, (2) have higher expected lifetimes and (3) lack high-contrast or 
raised graphics on them (which tend to telescope through the paper labels I 
sometimes use).

Thanks in advance for your experience.

Jim Long
Michigan remote

Dr. Cheryl Thurber 

email: cthurb@xxxxxxxxx


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