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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: [ARSCLIST] Dynamic-frequency Range


I think it's interesting to point out what filters during the time, were developed and used. For example, when first compressor/limiter was applied and etc...

Let me clear, in one of those Billie Holiday made before 1940, around 1938-9, there is one solo spot done by tenor saxophonist that follows vocal chorus (I've got to look to discography for exact dates). At the beginning of that solo, everyone can clearly hear attacking and releasing some very heavy compressor, resulting in spoiling the exact point of performance. I wonder how many people can hear earliest usage of compressor?
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Matter of fact, there were recordings we never got, such as a Mengelberg Tchaikovsky
5th on Brunswick, because they didn't pass the "wear test". The range on some of the
Western Electric test recordings in 1923-24 was quite impressive..many of them sound
far better than the electricals we finally began to get from Victor, while some are
very thin because they were experimenting with various filters and settings (which
are marked on the discs).


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