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Re: [ARSCLIST] Unique 1/4" splicing tool...

wish I could see a pic

Joe Salerno
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Richard L. Hess wrote:
Hi, Folks,

I came into several 1/4" splicing tools that were custom (but well) made. They provide uniform DOVETAIL splices for stereo. While the dovetail is short, it does keep the image centred.

Essentially it's an aluminum splicing block with two grooves, one for cutting and one for assembling.

A modified pair of pinking shears with a egg-shaped bakelite knob have been mounted on it, providing the dovetail cut.

I believe that these were used to remove clicks from analog tapes as the machines that came with them also came with 1/4" long "chevrons" that had obviously been cut out with these blocks.

If anyone is interested in one or more of these, please let me know. I have six, but want to keep one or two. They are not being offered free but I don't want to advertise a price, either. I thought mentioning them here would be better than putting them on eBay first.



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