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[ARSCLIST] This week's listings

This week's listings are at


We have 


3 Leadbelly (some spelled Lead Belly) albums
2 Vienamese 78s in sleeves
Early Pete Seeger, other folk folks, individually and, dare I say it, collectively.

3 Hermann Prey 7 & 8 LP Philips sets
A Canadian 9 LP folk song box
Callas LPs, European editions
Melchior on a 10" MGM
Berg and Messian on Dial
Both Bach-Malloch Art of Fuguing sets
Many Film and show LPs and 45s, some promo only
a few Joni James early LPs
NRBQ, Zappa
A documentary group which includes Langston Hughes, Tom Dooley and Atomic energy related items.

Giller4ad has changed to plattersthatmatterrecords

Steve Smolian

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