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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape Baking Question

Hi Kevin

The Lighter fluid is Ronsonol lighter fluid - Excellent for removing labels,
tar, grease and oil stains (so the bottle says), plus lighting cigarettes! 
It's the kind you put in a Zippo lighter!  It contains Naphtha.

The archial splicing tape is light blue in colour (color) and is made by
Quantergy I think.  The last time I purchased it was through A/V Burlingtion
but there are other places you  get it, like Quantergy itself.
The person I dealt with at Burlington was Grant, he was always very helpful.

Sorry, I can't remember the model # off hand.
Marie O'Connell
Sound Archivist/Sound Engineer/Sound Consultant
3017 Nebraska Avenue
Santa Monica, CA, 90404
Ph: 310-453-1615
Fax: 310-453-1715
Cell: 601-329-6911

Quoting Ganesh.Irelan@xxxxxxxx:

> Marie O'Connell said,
> "I then clean the layers with lighter fluid.  Once I get to the
> actual splice I replace it, after cleaning off the old glue and put it
> back together with archival splicing tape. "
> Presumably that is archival quality lighter fluid too!  :-)  Seriously
> though.  Please tell me your supplier, brand, model, etc. for the archival
> splicing tape. 
> Thank you,
> Kevin Irelan

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