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Re: [ARSCLIST] Grundig EQ

Might try using a o-scope with a 2 track head, just for grins. The
display makes things obvious. That said, 2 track playback of full width
mono isn't optimum... But might give you a very quick way to verify that
there is no top end to get... 

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>>Plus, MRL has a very handy chart in their "choosing and using" pdf
that shows how to, for example, use a 15IPS NAB tape to align a 15IPS
CCIR preamp.

I have 3 MRL tapes, 3 3/4 NAB(IEC), 7 1/2 NAB(IEC2) and 15 NAB(IEC2) and
a hard copy of "choosing and using" that came with one of the tapes,
none of which are very helpful in this situation.  I added 2 dB at 10k
(at 3 3/4ips, the most I could get) but it made no audible difference to
the program.  At least I've gained greater confidence that the sound
quality is not due to something I am or am not doing and is more likely
just the way it is.  That was my biggest concern.

>>Richard Hess has some pointers on azimuth adjustment on his web site, 
>>but I
like to use a transfer function display because it shows combing in
great detail. 

Richard has been most generous with his advice.  I did (and always do)
azimuth as best I can aurally but without much high frequency content,
plus it is mono, it is not easy.  I don't have the capability of doing
transfer function analysis.  What do you use?  I see SpectraFoo can do

Thank you.
Kevin Irelan

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