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Re: [ARSCLIST] Grundig EQ

On any vintage (especially naïve) tape recording, adjusting playback azimuth
is your first priority. Generally, the slower the tape speed and the more
informal the recording, the more this becomes important.

Richard Hess has some pointers on azimuth adjustment on his web site, but I
like to use a transfer function display because it shows combing in great
detail. Whatever method you use, the results can be profound.

In other words, do your playback azimuth adjustment before playback
equalization adjustment.

If your budget allows, MRL sells alignment tapes for various speeds and
standards. I think they offer NAB, IEC, CCIR, AES and Nagra alignment tapes.
You might want to call Jay McKnight - see http/www.mrltapes.com for further

Parker Dinkins
MasterDigital Corporation
Audio Restoration + CD Mastering

on 10/5/06 8:25 AM US/Central, Ganesh.Irelan@xxxxxxxx at
Ganesh.Irelan@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I was hoping to find graphical representations of eq curves so I could compare
> what I am capable of reproducing (NAB, IEC) with what the recording might have
> originally been done with to see how to compensate.  That will help me
> determine if it is playback equalization that is causing the evident lack of
> high end content or whether the recordings simply don't have any, because of
> the original recorder's limitations, the mic used, or whatever.  I can crank
> up the high freq. shelf eq on my Studer console to emphasize what is there but
> it boosts the noise as well.

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