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[ARSCLIST] Back-catalog (was Columbia Studio/Warehouse Fire)

I would also be curious if there were unadmitted or unknown losses from before Sony acquired many smaller record companies?

I honestly don't know. Seems to me Sony never "acquired many smaller record companies," but rather acquired one big company that already had a number of subsidiary imprints.

I always find it odd to see references to "Sony Music" and "Sony Studios" as I wonder what they were before the acquisition... and I'd be very interested to know if Sony built any studios or record companies from the ground up?

You'd have to do some research on their corporate history, but I believe Sony established a very prominent label (and recording studio) under its own name in Japan years before the CBS deal. The current Sony Studios were most certainly built "from the ground up" by Sony.

As ever, I am neither speaking on behalf of nor representing anyone but myself.

Al Q.

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