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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dolby 422-B?

Steve has it right and I checked and if it's the same guy in the UK they are all S-less. He claims that the S was an option. I don't know, but it is $900 from Dolby.

Most, but not all, from the US had S.

Just so you know, if you switch to S and the S light comes on, then it has the S card -- you don't need to open it up to find out.



Quoting Steve Puntolillo <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi, Jeff --

I'm being offered a Dolby 422 out of the UK for a good price.
The seller is
telling me that it is not the "B" unit which included Dolby
S, and that an
optional card needs to be purchased so that the unit will have S
functionality. Now, every 422 I've ever seen has had S,
including a unit I
already have sourced from the UK and none of 'em says
anything about a B
model anywhere on it. Something stinks IMO.

I can't say with absolute certainty, but I believe S *was* optional. And, you can still upgrade an "S-less" 422 with parts from Dolby. Hang onto your wallet, though, as you're looking at over $900 to do it.

If you need S, stay away from that unit.

Hope this helps.

-- Steve

Steve Puntolillo
Sonicraft Inc. - Analog and Digital Audio Services

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