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Re: arsclist Studer A807 - Back (Briefly) By Popular Demand

At 10:34 PM 7/16/2002 -0700, Gary Sprung wrote:
Here's a happy follow-up to Dietrich Schueller's
"Re: Studer A 807 - last orders" message of July 31, 2001
to the AV Media Matters list:

I wanted to offer a happy follow-up to Gary's happy follow-up. My A 807 arrived two days ago thanks to this post and the substantial assistance provided by Studer. It proved straightforward to set up and has already seen several hours of use. It is a delight; had I run one twenty years ago, I'd have been hooked and tossed out my Teacs and Tandbergs.

FYI: I've passed along the information to a friend who is comparably interested. I don't know how many machines Sam has available, but they should all be snatched up quickly. If you're uncomfortable calling Sam for information, I suggest you use his e-mail address:
"Sam" <Sam@xxxxxxxxx>



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