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re: arsclist Duplicating casette tapes

While there are machines designed for fast duplication of cassettes, for one at
 a time quality duplication, both the Archives, and Delawares House and Senate
use the Marantz PMD 510 with great sucess. And it has a high speed dup. button
if your in a hurry (2X) I believe.

Mark R. Ritter
Special Media Archivist
Delaware Public Archives Rm308
121 Duke of York Street
Dover DE  19901
302-744-5010 Voice
302-739-6710 Fax
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From: "Melinda Curley" <melinda.curley@xxxxxxxx>, on 8/1/02 2:00 PM:

We are beginning an oral history project and plan to purchase equipment to make
 reference copies of the original cassette tapes. Is it best to purchase a dual
 cassette deck such as a Sony or RCA, etc. or are there decks that are best for
 duplicating tapes that are not manufactured to be part of a stereo system? I
would appreciate any advice on this subject.

Melinda Curley
Photo Archivist
LCRA Archives
P. O. Box 220  M016
Austin, TX 78767-0220
(512) 473-3296
(512) 473-3211 fax

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