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arsclist Silent Auction in Santa Barbara

For those of you attending the ARSC Conference in Santa Barbara next week: 

Help support ARSC!
Come participate in the Silent Auction to be held at the Annual Meeting in
Santa Barbara. Bring a treasure or take one home! Dust off items from your
personal or business collection, and bring them with a donation form for
each item or lot of items to the Registration Table Wednesday. Bidding will
be open during exhibit hours, Thursday morning until Friday at 12:15 p.m.
Just write your bid for an item on the inserted bid sheet, then keep a close
eye to see if anyone is outbidding you. Don't be outbid!-Final results will
be posted Friday at 1:30, and you will be able to pick up and pay for your
items between 1:30-5:30.

To donate:
*       Select items [books, discs, memorabilia, etc.] to donate and fill
out a donation form for each item or group of items [donation forms may be
found on the conference website at www.arsc-audio.org].
*       Bring the item(s) with the form(s) to the Registration Table on
*       If you need a receipt, please provide something for us to sign.
The auction:
*       Auction items will be on display in the exhibit area until 12:15 on
*       Bidding begins at $1 or the minimum bid indicated, and proceeds at
$1 increments.
*       Make your bid by signing your name and a dollar amount on the bid
*       Bidding will close at 12:15 on Friday.
The results:
*       Winning bids will be posted on Friday at 1:30.
*       All items must be retrieved and paid for (cash or check) by 5:30
*       Unclaimed items will be donated to a local institution or discarded.

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