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arsclist DIGEST version available

Ladies and gentlemen;

In light of several requests for a digest version,  I am pleased to announce
that one is now available for ARSClist.  If you would rather receive one
posting a day instead of individual postings, here are the instructions for
subscribing to the digest version:

To subscribe to the Digest version of the list:

You must subscribe independently to ARSClist and ARSClist-digest.
Very likely you will not want to be on both lists. To change between
ARSClist and ARSClist-digest, you must unsubscribe from one list and
subscribe to the other. This can be done with one message to
majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with two command lines in it: 

                                               unsubscribe ARSClist 
                                               subscribe ARSClist-digest 
Remember not to put anything in the Subject line, and not to include any
signature files. Please let me know if you encounter any problems,
especially during the first weeks.

Esther Gillie
Eastman Audio Archive
Sibley Music Library
Eastman School of Music
27 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY 14604
585-274-1330; fax 585-274-1380

For subscription instructions, see the ARSC home page
Copyright of individual posting is owned by the author of the posting and
permission to re-transmit or publish a post must be secured
from the author of the post.

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