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arsclist Early Recording Articles

Dear All,
    Sorry it has taken a week to answer this query, I am in the wrong
building; but I've found a Reference.
    During the second world war (when there weren't many new records to
write about), the London *Gramophone* magazine published a series of
reminiscence articles by Herbert C. Ridout, latterly of (English) Columbia,
entitled "Behind The Needle". The first appeared in the July 1940 edition,
and the last in September 1943, thereby making 39 articles. Ridout's career
had begun in 1906 with Sterling (cylinders), and the series ended with the
very last session of English Columbia in March 1931, after which the
amalgamation with HMV to make EMI was announced.
     I don't suppose you will be very interested in that particular session
(a spiritualist seance); but the reference I found was *Historic Record*
October 1995 pp. 16-24, giving much-expanded details over-and-above Ridout's
account. As I haven't checked with *Gramophone* magazine, I can't say
whether the original articles would be exactly what you're looking for; but
I suggest they might be suitable.
Peter Copeland

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