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Re: arsclist cylinder frequency range

> On 17-Jan-02, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> > I would think that intelligent noise removal--although that may not be
> > compatible with simple workflow if the volume is large--would be
> > better than simple filtering.
> I would say that simple low pass filtering is the worst way to remove
> noise from old recordings, particularly impulse noise such as the fine
> crackly background.  It just reshapes the fine spikes as lumps.

Diamond Cut Millenium has a number of filters that would be useful,
including an averaging filter that can smooth out waveforms. It was written
by two guys who were working on Cylinder transfers for the Edison Historical
site. I just recieved a copy and haven't spent much time with it, so I can't
yet say how well it works, but at $199, it's a lot cheaper than Cedar.
I have also found Steinberg's Clean! 2.0 to be very good at removing pops,
clicks and crackle from vinyl without degrading the source much.
-Matt Sohn

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