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arsclist RE: Equipment advice for TTU

Hello, Curtis and everybody on the list.

Even though it's not my field of expertise, I've been doing some research
lately for almost the same purpose.

One of the best sound cards for your money is the Digital Audio Labs. Card
Check their specs at the web site.

I believe ProTools is overkill, originally designed for Mac, and way too
expensive for the type of sound recording you probably have. Sonic Foundry's
Sound Forge 4.5 should do the trick. There are lots of plug-ins for
de-ssing, de-clicking, and general noise removal. It can also provide the
compressed audio files for the web.

As for storage devices, you don't want to limit your digitizing to 44.1 kHz
/ 16 bit CD quality. Try to go for higher sampling frequency and bit depth,
if your recordings are of a good enough quality. This subject has just been
discussed on this list extensively and in depth in the past 3-4 days. In
that case it's not CD, but either data tape or hard drives with data files.

I cannot offer much advice about the analog tape recorders, but Otari has
been mentioned in this list lately as a good quality choice.

Just my 2cents worth. I know many, more knowledgeable people, will reply

Good luck.

José E. Llufrío
Technical Advisor
ICAIC, Cuban Film Institute
Havana, Cuba

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