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arsclist New subscriber / LP restoration question

Hello, all.  My name is Michael and I'm an lp restoration
hobbyist who enjoys spending his Saturdays transferring
records to PC then CD.

I have a question regarding restoration, and please refer
me to the listserv archives if this topic has been
discussed before.

On the loud sections of some of my records there is a
sibilant distortion that I presume has been caused by
previous owners and their dull needles.  Is there a way to
eliminate this sound?  I've tried many different PC click &
crackle removers as well as de-essers, noise reduction and
all manner of minor adjustments on my turntable and preamp.
 It is most exasperating to not be able to remove this

I will be most grateful to anyone who has experienced and
overcome this problem & who can help me minimize or
eliminate it.

Thanks very much,
Michael Warren

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