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Re: Record cleaning machines

Esther Gillie forwarded:
Georgia Music Hall of Fame
Laura Botts originally wrote...

> Now we are looking into record cleaning machines as well. =
> I need something that will clean 78s, 33s, and 45s (with or without an
> adapter to make it do all that). Since we don't get to spend money =
> often, I want to get the best equipment I can while I can do so!
> I would appreciate any and all advice on types of systems (wet vs. dry), =
> all price ranges, and all brands. What is being used in university or =
> archives settings? What do you like? What don't you like? What will give =
> me the most bang for my buck? You may reply to me off the list if you =
> like. I know I'll get terrific advice, and I really appreciate the help!

Hello Laura...

You are asking for a book on record cleaning that, unfortunately, has not yet
been written by anyone.

I do not know of any "dry" cleaning system for records that will do anything
other than "dusting" the surface of an already clean phonograph record before
playing it.  The only cleaning system that approaches what the Monks machine is
capable of, is the manual system supplied by the Disc Doctor, which
unfortunately is too labor intensive for anything other than casual use.

Please pardon the blatant promotion that follows, but there is only one

Many Universities and archive settings use the Keith Monks Record Cleaning
Machine which I strongly recommend, not because I represent Monks for North
America, but it's because I think it is the best machine for the purpose that I
sought him out and became his representative.

Some "Monks Machine" clients are: 

Library of Congress (3 machines)

Boston Public Library (2 machines)

Edison National Historic Site

Del Mar College
University of California at Santa Barbara

National Library of Canada

Brigham Young University (on order now) 

... and many more institutions, archivists and producers.

You can see details and photos of the "Archivist" machine on my web site at


If you were a registered attendee of the recent ARSC conference, you would have
received a color brochure on the machine in your registration package.    

If you want more information, please email me off-list or call me at 
(416) 444-3444

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton, http://www.audio-restoration.com
World class professional services applied to phonograph and tape
recordings for consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR processes.

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