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Course:Preventive Conservation
Date Offered:Fall, 1997
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Instructor:Elizabeth Richards, Shirley Ellis
InstitutionDepartment of Human Ecology, University of Alberta


Course Description
Theoretical and practical investigation of the preventive care of textiles and costumes in museums or related institutions. Topics include an overview of deteriorating factors, procedures for handling, storage and display, and preventive treatment. Museum personnel and collections will augment university lecture, seminar laboratory and study collection facilities.

The objectives of this class are to help students:

To identify and understand the role of preventive conservation in a variety of institutions, such as museums, historic houses and art galleries, and to use this understanding to identify the persons within these institutions who perform that role.

To introduce basic philosophies and approaches to preventive conservation and collections management so that students are able to evaluate various sources of information within theoretical frameworks.

To introduce students to the varied literature pertaining to the field, to the extent that they have read both generally in preventive conservation and specifically in preventive textile conservation and have the information and skills to search and critically evaluate museum-related literature in the future.

To provide an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired in previous course work (chemistry, textile science, history of costume, historic textiles, design, communications) to problems in a new area.

To provide opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge about preventive conservation and collections management to a variety of practical problem-solving situations in actual museums, art galleries, historic houses or related institutions.

To help students determine the skills and abilities necessary for work in this field and evaluate their personal ability and interest.

To provide interested and capable students with assistance in acquiring further training and experience in preparation for careers in this field.

September 5Introduction
September 8Conservation, Restoration, Preservation
September 10Conservation Policy
September 12Ethics
Ethics: Student Presentation of Case Histories
September 10 LABIntroduction to Clothing and Textiles Collection
Handling Artifacts, Condition Reports, Surface Cleaning
Assignment Due: Condition Report (not graded)
September 15Ethics: Student Presentation of Case Histories
September 17Ethics
Library Assignment
Searching on CIN
September 19Storage Assignment - Shirley Ellis
September 17 LABStorage Field Trip - Provincial Museum of Alberta
September 22 to 26Classes cancelled due to Conservation Symposium
Students are to work individually on Library
Assignment Due: Ethics Assignment
September 29Storage: Methods & Materials
October 1Storage: Methods & Materials
October 3
October 1 LABStorage Assignment
October 4
October 6Storage: Discussion of Readings
October 8Storage: Methods and Materials
October 10Storage: Modern Materials '
October 8 LABStorage Assignment
October 15Envirommental Concerns: Introduction
Assignment Due: Library Assignment
October 17Environmental Concerns: Light
October 15 LABEnvironmental Monitoring
October 20Environmental Concerns: Light
October 22Environmental Concerns: Humidity
October 24Christine Feniak "In Support of Over Weight Animals"
Parks Canada
October 22 LABSpecial Collections
Carolynne Poon
Assignment due: Environmental Monitoring
October 27Audrey Yardley-Jones
Conservation Coordinator, Alberta Museums Association
October 29Environmental Concerns: Humidity
October 31Environmental Concerns: Heat and Air Quality
Assignment Due: Storage Assignment
October 29 LABStorage/Mount Assignment: Hats
November 3Heat and Air Quality
November 5Exhibition: Protecting Objects on Exhibition
November 7Reproductions
Joy Schellenberg, Assistant Curator
Alberta Historic Sites Services
November 5 LABThree Dimensional Storage/Mount
Assignment due: Hat Mount and Evaluation
November 10Exhibition: University Collections
Bernd Hildebrandt, Jim Corrigan
November 12Exhibit Assignment
November 14Exhibition
Assignment Due: Exhibit Mount Assignment
November 12 LABExhibition: University Collections
Bernd Hildebrandt, Jim Corrigan
November 17Environmental Concerns: Insects
November 19Exhibit Assignment
Assignment Due: Three Dimensional
Storage Mount and Evaluation
November 21Emergency Planning for Museums
Audrey Yardley Jones, Conservation Coordinator,
Museums Alberta
November 19 LABExhibit Assignment
November 24Insect and Animal Pests
November 26Insects and Animal Pests Control
Assignment Due: Exhibit Case
Florian research article
November 28Conservation Internship Report
Maryanne Gukert
November 25 LABMaterials Seminar: Plastics in Museum Collections
Tuesday Scott Williams, Canadian Conservation Institute
December 1Peter Galonski: Exhibit Design & Interpretation
Assignment Due: Exhibit Assignment Evaluation
December 3Final Exam Preview
TCC 578 Winter Term preview
December LabSummation/Evaluation
Exhibit Critique - Bernd Hildebrandt

December 9, 1997 2:00 p.m.
30% of Final Grade

Assignments - 70% of total gradePercentage
1. Ethics Evaluation - Due: September 265
2. Library Assignment - Due: October 85
3. Environmental Problems - Due: October 225
4. *Storage/Travelling - Due: October 29 .20
5. Hat Mount/Storage - Due: November 55
6. Exhibit/Mount Assignment - Due: November 145
7. Three Dimensional Mount/Storage - Due: November 19
Mount and Evaluation
8. Exhibit Assignment
Participation and Exhibit - Due: November 26
Written Report - Due: December 1
Group projects

Required Texts
Konstanze Bachmann. Conservation Concerns: A Guide for Collectors and Curators.
Compiled Readings - available from me for $25.00/set.. Anne M. Lambert.
Storage of Textiles and Costumes: Guidelines for Decision Making.
Recommended Texts
Garry Thomson. The Museum Environment.
E.V. Johnson and Joanne C. Horgan. Museum Collection Storage. (on reserve)
All the above books are on reserve at the library.

Courses in: Survey of historic dress, Textile science, History of cross cultural textiles

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