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Course Care of Textiles
Date offered TBA
Location TBA
Instructor TBA
Institution Canadian Conservation Institute

Course Outline


This workshop will provide a basic understanding of preventive conservation principles relating to the display and storage of textile collections.


This workshop will examine the practical steps that can be taken when planning or improving storage and display areas, and what materials to use when doing so. Recommended techniques for storing and displaying a variety of textiles (ranging from three-dimensional textiles such as costumes and their accessories, to flat textiles such as flags and rugs) will be explored by means of hands-on sessions, demonstrations, and lecture/slide presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Target Audience

Anyone with a professional or personal interest in museum or heirloom textiles, including costume and textile guilds/organizations, antique collectors, museum staff and volunteers, and general public with an interest in historic textiles

Attendance Maximum 15 participants
Duration 2 days
Instructor(s) Any of the following individuals, depending on availability: Renée Dancause, Janet Wagner, Jan Vuori

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