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Course Resin Yellowing and Removability: A Practical Review of All the Data
Date offered TBA
Location TBA
Instructor Stefan Michalski
Institution Canadian Conservation Institute

Course Outline


This seminar will provide a review of the applied scientific data relevant to the yellowing and removal of aged resins using organic solvents.


Yellowing and removability data of old and new resins will be reviewed, two- and three-dimensional solubility systems examined, and participants guided in the use of solubility charts. One-dimensional approximations and their shortfalls will be addressed, and the role of evaporation, capillarity dissolution, and swelling discussed. Varnish resins, drying oils, pigments, adhesives, and aging processes will be reviewed in-depth.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

Target Audience

Practicing conservators who want to refresh their knowledge of the stability of resins used in conservation, especially those used as varnishes

Note: This seminar presumes familiarity with the issues, the common techniques, and graphical presentation of data.

Attendance Flexible
Duration 2 days
Instructor(s) Stefan Michalski

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