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Course Paintings: Their Structure, Deterioration, and Preventive Care
Date offered TBA
Location TBA
Instructor Various
Institution Canadian Conservation Institute

Course Outline


This workshop will provide information on the structure, materials, and deterioration of paintings on canvas and rigid supports, and the basic principles and techniques involved in the care and preservation of paintings.


This workshop presents fundamental information on the properties of materials found in paintings, the causes of deterioration, and preventive conservation techniques. Through slides and lectures, demonstrations, hands-on sessions, and guided discussion, participants will learn to examine paintings, assess their condition, write condition reports, dust paintings and frames, and apply appropriate backing boards and framing methods.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to :

Target Audience

Museum and gallery staff, volunteers, curators responsible for the care of paintings, faculty and students of art history or museology, artists, and art teachers

Attendance Maximum 16 participants
Duration 2 days

Special Requirements

The workshop area should be secure and inaccessible to gallery visitors or the general public.

Instructor(s): Any of the following individuals, depending on availability: Bob Arnold, James Bourdeau, Debra Daly Hartin, Helen McKay

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