The Conservation Course Syllabus Pages

Course:Independent study in museum environment and care of objects
Date Offered:Fall 1985
Location:Ann Arbor, MI
Instructor:Amy Rosenberg
Institution:Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan


2 credits. Attendance: 3 hours/week (1 lecture, 2 practical)

What is the museum environment?
17 Sept.Air: climate, microenvironmentsPlenderleith & Werner pp.1- 18; Coremans in UNESCO pp 27-39; Handout "Control of the Museum Environment; Drew in London Conference pp. 183-190; Feilden in Vienna Conference p. 1-8; Padfield in London Conference pp. 119-126
1 Oct.Air: Pollutants, dust, moldsWaller in London Conference pp. 65-68
8 Oct.Heat & LightBrill Chapters Iⅈ Macleod
15 Oct.Physical surroundings and handlingPugh
22 Oct.Biological environmentSzent-Ivany in UNESCO pp. 53-69; Heim, Flieder, Nicot in UNESCO pp. 41-52
29 Oct.Environmental tour of the Kelsey Museum
5 Nov.Mid-term Examination
12 Nov.Monitoring and controlling the museum environmentHandouts on silica gel and testing materials; Crafts Council Book 1 pp. 13-27;
Characteristics and Requirements of Materials of Museum Objects
19 Nov.Inorganic materials -- ceramics and stonePlenderleith & Werner pp. 299 -342; Sneyers & de Henau in UNESCO pp. 209-220
26 Nov.Inorganic materials -- glass and metalsHodges pp. 42-97 Plenderleith & Werner pp. 343-351
3 Dec.Organic materialsBellinger in Recent Advances pp. 192-194; Mailand; Hodges pp. 112-132
10 Dec.Combination materials
  1. Notebook containing reading notes, laboratory notes, treatment reports
  2. Mid-term examination
  3. paper describing a collection in the Kelsey Museum as to its materials, condition, and need for treatment. The paper will describe recommended storage and/or handling and alternatives.
UNESCO. The Conservation of Cultural Property (Paris, 1968)
Hodges, Henry. Artifacts (London, 1964) also (Humanities Press, 1981)
International Institute for Conservation. Vienna Congress, 1980 "Conservation within Historic Buildings:
------. 1967. London Conference on Museum Climatology
Crafts Council Conservation Science Teaching Series, Book 1: "An Introduction to Materials"
Mailand, Harold. Considerations for the care of Textiles. (Indianapolis, 1980)
Thompson, Gary. Recent Advances in Conservation. (London, 1963)
Brill, Thomas. Light, Its Interaction with Art and Antiquities. (New York, 1980)
Macleod, K.J. Canadian Conservation Institute Technical Bulletin, "Museum Lighting." (Ottawa, 1975)

Prerequisites: N/A

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