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Course Assessing and Managing Risks to Your Collections
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Institution Canadian Museum of Nature


This workshop was designed and developed by conservators and collection managers for organizations and individuals interested in having a global framework to determine their preventive conservation priorities and how best to invest their limited funds. Participants come from varied backgrounds and working experiences.


The objective of this non-technical workshop is to demonstrate to participants a method of assessing and managing risks to collections which has been developed and implemented at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

In 2-days participants will learn to:


None but participants should have a stake in collections preservation.


Learning the system of risk assessment and management will give participants a model which will help them to :


Part One - Assessing Risks To Collections

  1. Identify all risks to collections and the agents of deterioration
  2. Identify the types of risk according to their frequency and severity
  3. Recognise the parameters for estimating risks : fraction susceptible, loss in value, extent, probability
  4. Calculate magnitudes of risk

Part Two - Managing Risks to Collections

  1. Identify methods of controlling risks
  2. Identify levels for applying the methods of controlling risks
  3. Develop mitigation strategies
  4. Evaluate the relative costs, risks and benefits of mitigation strategies


The workshop is a highly interactive training session which includes both theoretical and practical components and in which the participants play an important part. Information is obtained through lectures, demonstrations, brainstorming in small groups, assembling of ideas, presentation and discussion. The teaching approach fosters team-building and mutual understanding.

Participants are provided with various learning tools including the workshop manual which contains the complete course content, exercises, references and a glossary of terms.

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